Saturday, March 09, 2013



Coincidental to the first day of Spring, a debut exhibition opening in Paris showcases a new and fragrant take on the art-viewing experience. Galerie Rue Sans Fraise, a vanguard multi-use space in the trendy Marais, opens “Ecolosion” a hybrid Hanami (the traditional Japanese flower-watching ritual) with a French twist and a breath of fresh perfumed air.

The show features large-format wall-mounted limited-edition floral images by photographer Cat Soubbotnik, counterpoised with suspended mixed-media works on transparent Tibetan paper by Marie Piselli, accented with environmental fragrances created by Scentys, who produce signature olfactory events for high-profile clients. You haven’t seen or inhaled an art experience like this before, one which so joyfully tantalizes so many of the senses.

Should you happen to be in Paris for the Vernal Equinox, drop into the gallery’s opening reception the night of Thursday, March 21, 7-10 pm. Have a glass of wine and sniff around the interesting bi-level installation celebrating the redolent reawakening after a long winter.

The show remains up through June 21- standard gallery hours or by appointment.

Galerie Rue Sans Fraise
9 Française
75002 Paris
+33 6 29 42 41 14

Images courtesy Galerie Rue Sans Fraise, by Cat Soubbotnik