Saturday, January 01, 2011

Positively Antipodean

Greetings from below the equator, where life is easy and 4 million people share the wealth in two islands about 2/3 the size of the state of California, where sauvignon blanc is abundant and cheap and fruity and good and brave and true.

I started my trip on the 27th of December, north of Auckland, where Yousef and Meredith celebrated their marriage at a truly enchanted spot looking east at the Pacific- an odd perspective for a Seal Beach dude like myself who sees the sea to the west every morning. No wonder people like it here: no nukes, great dairy products, foliage from another planet where ferns blast their way out from the conifers, land of clean water and people glad to talk your ear off. Luckily I know nothing of rugby, or they would insist on buying me beer after beer. Now I'm down in windswept Wellington, hanging out with Jack Yan, seeing the best this end-of-the-earth destination has to offer. Yesterday we had a super lunch at a resto called Monsoon Poon in downtown off Courtenay Place, recommended, Asian fusion style in a land of sausages. Believe it, the barbie is a national pastime, and you affirm any remark by saying "yes" pronounced "Yeece." I've seen isolated gorges and waterfalls, mythological mountains, emerald forests, azure seas, and endless country roads since the superhighway is a luxury reserved for the rest of the world. Here for another five days, then off to Gold Coast Australia, a bastion of civilization. Thence to Delhi, for more work on 'Runtime' and a stay at Shanti Home. Maybe I'll go down to Goa.

Look me up in Paris on February 3rd: The Medinge Group will be having its annual meeting at MIP near Trocadero and we can catch up over coffee and croissants. I have a strange desire to head down to Barcelona, maybe take a cheap flight to Italy and check out a villa I heard about in the hills of Puglia. But that's for another post.