Wednesday, March 04, 2009

An Interwoven Tale, Part II

Readers of these ramblings may recall the account of an odyssey to the Hebrides of Scotland in August 2007, following the footsteps of Johnson and Boswell (see There a coat length of real Harris tweed was purchased at the Kenneth MacKenzie Mills in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. The tweed eventually found its way to the premises of John Pearse in Soho, London in February 2008, where measurements were taken, and the venerable process of custom tailoring a bespoke jacket began. (The archaic term 'bespoke' refers to the practice of first buying the cloth before it is actually made into a garment: the cloth was said to be spoken for, and thus could not be taken by anyone else.) While jackets can be made up in a matter of weeks, owing to the itnieraries of the client, this finished garment was delivered in August 2008, but well worth the six-month wait.
Mr. Pearse's minimalist shop, a few steps from Saville Row, is an oasis of contemporary style mixed with traditional standards of fine tailoring. There's a selection of Pearse-created ready-made suits, jackets, coats, shirts, caps and pajamas on hand, but John is best-known for superior made-to-measure, both for ladies and gents. In addition to cutting a very fine, fitted silhouette, his jackets often sport eccentric, colorful and idiosyncratic linings. For the tweed jacket Mr. Pearse located a printed silk of newspaper headlines from the 1968 Paris student demonstrations, a perfect match ideologically for the jacket's intended wearer. With the leftover cloth he cut a beautifully finished vest. As always, the details shine, the angle and placement of pockets, the drape of the shoulder, the slight curve of the waist, even the color of stitching on button holes becomes an aspect of perfection.
The joy of working with a master tailor cannot be overstated. Pearse's creations do not come cheap. Your patience is required. These are garments which last a lifetime, cut to the client's unique dimensions, built to bring out the best of the wearer and the beauty of the cloth. The first time you don a jacket made just for you, the irrefutable pleasure of wearing a singular personalized object comes close to a true sense of all which is sublime.

John Pearse
6 Meard Street
London UK
tel:020 7434 0738
fax: 020 7287 3862