Thursday, January 18, 2007

A glamorous night in Manhattan
On January 10th I met a group of friends for a dinner party in the private dining room of The Harrison in TriBeCa New York City. A comfortable, welcoming space which doubles as the restaurant’s wine cellar, with soft amber lights and Rauschenberg prints (the good ones from the 60s). We enjoyed a superior menu created by Jimmy Bradley’s kitchen, and wonderful procescco, Vacqueyras and rosé from that rarity in Gotham: a reasonable wine menu. Everyone stayed late, the test of a successful event. Later I spoke with Jimmy on the phone to thank him for the exceptional feast and service and learned his was the first business in the neighborhood to open after 9/11. His goal, even before the tragedy, had been to bring to life a neighborhood restaurant. Though The Harrison opened five weeks later than planned, it’s clear he effectively achieved his goal, “some sort of little can-do restaurant where the town folk can meet, eat and socialize in an environment of goodwill, commonality, heritage and culture.” Highly recommended.

The Harrison

355 Greenwich Street

NYC 10013

212 274 9310