Tuesday, March 12, 2024

dày bük to debut in Fall 2024 - affordable notebooks from Second Guess Press

     Photo: Gioia Meller Markovicz

Second Guess Press is beta-testing a new line of highly functional, affordable notebooks, designed for desktop, pocket, handbag and backpack. The line, which will launch under the brand name dày bük in Fall 2024, features minimal graphic design, spacious pages with elemental grids, and no superfluous messaging. The brand and designs will be available for international license.


“I never saw a notebook whose dimensions were just right for me, which eschewed a lot of typographic confusion and was attractively priced. Overdesign, unnecessary visual distractions and unattractive cost was always the case. dày bük aspires to meet the everyday needs of busy people: functional, beautiful, economic, easy to use,” said Stanley Moss, the line’s designer and principal of DiGanZi, a brand advisory.


Prototype versions are currently available on special order, but final product is not expected until September. “Now we’re ironing out the last details before scaling up production,” Moss says. “It will be worth the wait.”