Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Stays up late, gets busted by Dad

A new review posted this week for The Hacker.
This is the second person who confirms the rumor it's a page-turner.
Let's see if her Dad will read it next...

The harshest critic

thought it rambled ,made little sense. I would not suggest to anyone to buy it.The story made little to no sense

I got a bad review on Amazon dot com this morning. That peculiar feeling of exhilaration quickly turned to extreme curiosity, especially after seeing the one-star indictment which accompanied the text (unaltered, as it appears) above. While forensic deconstructions sometimes reveal more, the critic's repetitious words told me little. I am left to wonder: did said critic read the description before downloading the text? To warn off anyone living in the prior century: This novella is a romantic retelling of the legend of the celebrated outlaw Joaquin Murietta, who rode the highways of early California in the days of the Gold Rush. This account weaves the exploits of Joaquin with a New York artist's search for his father, set on a backdrop of the Manhattan art world in the late 1970s. It's also a meditation on the American Jewish experience and issues of assimilation.