Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Humble Pie

England’s staggering expense can overwhelm the dollar-bearing tourist, so any foodie experience combining parsimony and adventure make the UK all the more delectable. Franco Manca, a storefront pizza joint just opened in London’s Brixton Market on the south side of the Thames, serves up an amazing, delicious, authentic and totally organic Neopolitan-style pizza for £5.40 ($10.50US), well worth a visit. You’ve got to call this a bargain unequalled in central London, where a mediocre slice could set you back the same amount or more, with no local color and maybe a bellyache for dessert. It sounds hard to get to, but Brixton is quite easily reached by Tube- simply head south on the lite blue Victoria Line to the last stop (Brixton Station). This takes maybe 20 minutes max from Green Park tube station. Walk out of the tube, turn left, then take the first left into the open air market lane where vendors hawk all manner of wares, then the first right into a narrow street, and then the first left in to the covered arcade called Market Row, clearly marked. Not difficult, actually quite accessible, and an adventure into the wild and wooly market- not a genteel, chi-chi destination, more of a foodie Mecca where the perfect balance of tomato, garlic, oregano, capers, olive, anchovy and mozzarella settle happily onto a perfectly-executed crust, hand-made by real Italians. You can quaff local brew, or try the home-made organic lemonade, an ideal accompaniment. Young locals have discovered this place which offers top-quality flavor, honest ingredients, a great price and a bohemian atmosphere a stone’s throw from Central London.

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Unit 4, Market Row

London SW9 8LD

Tel 020 7738 3021